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Im an architect of business ideas...

As a Innovations Specialist with now over 16 years of experience, I've provided professionals & businesses innovative solutions for over 300 organizations in 108 different industries. Creating and setting guideline during the project development process while assisting with the project launch and structuring of operational processes behind the ideas. 

I have broad experiences in all aspects of international business, marketing, digital media planning, innovative strategies, Media Development, as well as Funding Resourcing, Vendor Acquisition, and Implementation Services. I've specialized for over 10 years in innovative leadership coaching, branding, marketing research, business resourcing & networking, web and social media development. 

I’ve currently reached my Black Belt Six Sigma, and I’m certified in Applied Management PMP with a Bachelors in International Business with a minor in International Marketing.

I'm Interested in sharing my knowledge with the world and learning as much as I can from everyone I meet! So if you're serious about life and need a fresh, innovative approach toward their current idea model. Connect With Me!

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Excerpt: From The Mind of The Solution Guru

by Shawn "Solution Guru" Randleman

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